Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dairy: It's Legendairy Stuff!

Being at a University that is essentially a working farm is one of the best experiences I can possibly have. I wake in the morning and am greeted by the smell of the silage pits and to me that is as good (some may beg to differ) as saying Welcome Home!
One of the best aspects is having a dairy facility on campus. Campus life is wonderful, but when you want to escape it all there is nothing better than going down and watching and learning at the dairy! Whether it be going for a walk to look at the calves in the paddocks by the Ring Road or volunteering to do a session milking the cows, there is nothing better than it. And when you need it the dairy proves to be a welcome distraction from study!
The Australian dairy Industry doesn't just support me in my endeavor to learn and graduate, it supports everyone, every day! From that glass of Milk you have in the morning, to the cheese and crackers you have for morning tea it: is there every day supporting us! I think it's time we give back. Popular CBS TV Show How I Met Your Mother Character Barney Stinson has many catch phrases of varying notoriety. One of the most popular is his phrase "this is going to be legen - wait for it - dary!".

Source: Devinatart ("Southern Designer") - click HERE for page

How this ties in is just recently Dairy Australia started a campaign to take the dairy industry from being just Legendary to LegenDAIRY. The Legendairy program aims at showing what an awesome (yet another Barney Stinson quote) part that Dairy plays in our lives, and in particular The Australian Dairy Industry.

Heres a few tips on how to show your appreciation:
  • Do Your Homework - Whatever brand is suited to you have a look at it, and support your local farmers that supply it.
  • Support Legendairy - If you find a legendairy dairy don't be afraid to tell people about it, jump on Facebook (yes it has hashtags now), twitter, instagram, whatever and make sure you tell people about it don't forget to put a #legendairy at the end.
  • BUY AUSTRALIAN! - Australia has some amazing dairy products available, many of which are made right here in Australia! Make sure you support YOUR Aussie brands by buying them at the checkout!
  • Thank A Farmer - If you know a farmer - don't be afraid to go up to them and thank them! They work from sunrise to often past sunset, there wouldn't be a person or a farmer that I know that it wouldn't make their day if someone came up and said thank you!
  • Check out the Dairy Australia Page on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Here's the new video which has started it all:

  • "Southern Designer" (Deviant Art) - click HERE for page
  • Dairy Australia YouTube - click HERE for videos
  • CBS's How I Met Your Mother Airs Nationally on the 7 Network.

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  1. I live in the south west and it is a bonus that our local supermarket stocks locally produced milk and eggs - yes a few pennies more but worth every cent.


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