Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anzac Day 2012

2012 sees the 97th Anniversary of the landing of the Australian and New Zealland forces at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli. This bloody battle has been ingrained in all our memories, and will be further remembered on this date.
Anzac day stands as a memorial for not just those who passed at Gallipoli, but it recognizes the ultimate sacrifice laid down by those brave men and women in protection of the values that we hold dear and cherish.
I have attended this year the local dawn service with colleagues from University. I find that the dawn service is definitely the most moving of all the services. Being able to stand in the stillness of the dawns waking light remembering and thanking those for their sacrifices that they have given .

Part of the tradition of Anzac Day sees attendees traditionally pinning a sprig of Rosemary to their lapel in honour of the memories of the fallen. The tradition of Rosemary dates back to Ancient times where it is belived to have properties of improving the memory. Further more to this bushes of Rosemary have been found growing in the wild on the Gallipoli Peninsular. This has been adopted as an icon and symbolises keeping the memory alive and strong in recognition of the fallen.
Anzac day is often best symbolised by the remembrance that it holds key. The Ode is read, followed by the last post to honour the fallen, this is then followed by two-minutes silence which is then broken by Reveille. This part of the ceremony is often the most poignant leaving many a tear in the eye of attendees.

The video below by Adam Brand ("The Anzac") show's some very powerful images of the Anzac's and an understanding of the ceremony.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn....

These immortal words from the Ode of Remembrance (Binyon, excerpt from the poem "The Fallen") cast a lasting and poignant message to those that remember those that have fallen.

2012 See's the 97th Anniversary of the battle for Gallipoli, it is on this day that we stop and pause in remembrance of not just these brave men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice, but also those those that have laid down their lives since in the Theater of War.

ANZAC day recognized as the 25th of April each year provides an opportunity for us all to take stock and reflect on the ultimate sacrifices that those that have come before us have done.

Whether it be on the shores of ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli, in major city or in a small country town Cenotaph we will all stop to remember those that have fallen, and pay tribute and thanks to those that remain with us today. There is no moment more stirring than when the Last Post is played, followed by two minutes silence. The stillness of this moment is quite stirring and moving.

Below provides a visual indication and tribute to the fallen in the coverage taken at ANZAC Cove 2011 at the dawn service.

I shall be attending the Dawn service tomorrow, with numerous numbers of my colleagues from University.

This week in the lead up to and including and passing ANZAC Day 2012, I will be endeavouring to post a story or excerpt of article that I have found particularly profound.


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