Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some Humour with a Message...

These last few months have seen YouTube give rise to some absolutely terrific Farming Related Parody Songs, so I thought today that I would share them in my blog post.

 But before I do so I thought it would be important to comment on the great work these guys (and many others out there) are doing. By creating and producing the clever videos they are promoting in such a great way agricultural industries and the vital role they have in society. In both these videos they have worked really well on breaking any preconceived misconceptions that consumers have about agriculture and educated them in a fun and humorous way at the same time.
By producing these song parodies these young producers are being great 'agvocates' for their industry helping consumers understand what goes into their product in a fun way at the same time. By engaging with consumers in this way producers are breaking down these preconcieved misconceptions about the industry and promoting it at the same time. As you will see in the videos these groups love their industry, they love working in their industry and are very passionate about educating the public.
Hat's off to these guys for their efforts and I hope to see more videos like this to come!

So enough from me, and on with the show! Here are just two of the many videos out there that have caught my eye:

The Peterson Farm Bros.
I'm Farming & I Grow It

With well over 1 000 000 views this video has certainly taken YouTube by storm. Gaining success not just in America but across the world these gentleman have certainly got a hit on their hands! Going viral in a matter of days and leading to numerous appearances on US television, here is I'm Farming & I Grow It:

You can keep up to date with these guys on their Facebook (here) & YouTube Channels (here) for more news and insights into the production process.

Lil Fred
Farm It Maybe?

This one just popped up in my newsfeed this morning courtesy of some mates from college, the FFA and a few other Ag Industries that I follow on Facebook.
Lil Fred who is only 9yrs old, puts together and stars in these video's together with the help of his brother Justin (18yrs old). Well written and an absolute crack up, sure to be one of the next viral sensations, here is Farm It Maybe?:

Again you can follow Lil Fred on his own YouTube Channel (here) for new and upcoming projects!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wet Winter....

This season has seen a large amount of rain fall for the Winter months this year. This has meant that the gumboots and the drizabone have come in handy a lot this season.

Just today I tipped over 24mm out of the rain gauge, this rain that has fallen in the past 24hrs.

This weather whilst it is great coming into the Spring & Summer seasons is great for buffering our pasture supplies is wreaking havoc with our work schedules and plans and also the temperatures.

So for now I am keeping a close eye on the weather to see when we have some clear days planned....

If it's any consolation for us this week revised climate prediction have indicated the strong liklihood of an el Nino event occuring.
This events results in a drying summer for the Southern Hemisphere and indicates at possible strong rainfall conditions for the Northern Hemisphere.
Check out the QLD Government Long Paddock Website ( for up to date information.

Why I Like Cows (II) ....

Once again the news has degenerated to the point that I am over all of the celebrity gossip, horrible TV Shows and latest released novels and songs, that I have again decided that it all would be better if it were about cows.....

Here's a few examples from the week that was and why it would be so much better if it were about cows......

1. The Shire (cue groan....)
Channel 10's hit (?) TV series the shire premiered this week and has to put it lightly left some viewers with a gripe or two about the show.
Personally I'm not the hugest fan of the show (personally I won't watch it when there is better content on TV). But this lead me to thinking, how much better would this show be if it was about cows:
    1. Cow's don't get botox or breast enhancements.
    2. Last time I checked cow's didn't go through massive break ups.
    3. The only pushy cows I know are jersey cows.

So looking at it half the storyline would be cut, and then all you'd have to do is replace the "Snooki" character with a Jersey cow named Mabel?
I could just imagine the opening titles:
"Welcome to the Shire - This week we see a power play between Mavis and Mabel for the head of the herd, who will win? Who will lose, lets look and see...."

* Sorry to anybody out there who owns Jersey Cattle, they are for the most part lovely, but there are some pretty pushy ones out there.

2. 50 Shades of Grey (sorry I just don't get what the big deal is...)
Lately all I seem to be hearing about is the book "50 Shades of Grey" and that it has gained itself somewhat of a large following and is being touted to be the next box office blockbuster.....
The only 50 Shades of Grey I've seen or ever had to worry about are Brahmans & Murray Greys:

If this book was about cows (or bulls) than the most riveting read would be their EBV values and other trait characteristics.

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