Photo Friday

Following the success of many peoples Wordless Wednesday pages I thought to try the idea, just tweaking it slightly for Friday.
I will endeavor to supply some photos and a story for them each Friday from from a wide variety of sources including, home, travels and North Queensland.
Stay tuned for more.......

 Photo Friday Week #1- 19th August 2011

Lately I have developed an interest in shooting panoramas and have had some really successful results.
These images have all been shot at home and in my travels through Brisbane. All of them shoot using between five and seventeen images. To put them all together I use a program called Microsoft ICE (Free Download Here), which is a developmental program available through Microsoft online.....

"Sunday Afternoon Drive" (5 Shots)
Panoramic Image of the Home Property after a decent amount of rain.

"Brisbane River Meets the Mississippi" (7 Shots)
An American Friend commented and said that this shot of the Paddle Steamer on the Brisbane River Reminded here of the steamboats you could take on the Mississippi River back home.

Photo Friday Week #2- 26th August 2011

Tropical North Queensland has some great sights.....
I was fortunate enough to take a Field Trip out off the beaten track last weekend and head up into the picturesque mountain township of Paluma.
Paluma is an absolute treat to visit, with kilometers of walking tracks, great swimming holes and natural waterfalls. Whilst they got hit a bit with TC Yasi it is back to business as usual and there are some great sights to see.

The Picturesque Little Crystal Falls cascading below the Stonemasons Bridge

Little Crystal Falls cascading into the Crystal Creek George

A tropical stream flits through the rocks and undergrowth leading off to the Crystal Creek Falls

Photo Friday Week #3- 10th September 2011

Ever wondered what your friendly crustaceans or other little critter look like REALLY up close and personal?
Well this week I got the chance to see just that when I was let loose on a Scanning Electron Microscope (Under guidance from the terrific team at the AARC) to image a claw of a small crustacean.
This image was taken as a composite and is actually two images blended together to form one image. To get this level of details in the image the sample that is submitted for analysis was actually covered in gold.

Here's the finished results:

The final image sizing is indicated by the sizing on the scale-bar. Bearing in mind the original specimen was slightly smaller than my thumbnail the limb has provided some stunning imaging opportunities.

Photo Friday Week #4- 16th September 2011

Looking Back.....
2010 saw events that changed the face of Australia and helped promote stronger ties of mateship and camaraderie.
The Queensland Floods saw an area the size of France and Germany combined! Inundated with flood waters.
I had the opportunity to get out and about and take some photos for the local paper and got some good photos and some interesting shots:

 Picture #1: The Stewart River in Flood.

 Picture #2: The lead up to the Stewart River, 15m of bitumen road base removed and deposited into a nearby paddock by water up to 5m over the road deck height of the bridge.

 Picture #3: Looking down the bridge back to the damaged section.

Some of the more interesting shots from the day I got was when I drove through the town of Kumbia and I shot these interesting photos:
In what I have entitled "Nothing Keeps a Farmer from his Beer"

 Picture #4: Tractors outside of the Kumbia Hotel.

Picture #5: A closer shot of the Tractors with their "Little Brother" from town outside of the Hotel.

Picture #6: A closer shot of the Tractors with their "Little Brother" from town outside of the Hotel.

So as promised (albeit slightly delayed) here is this weeks Photo Friday update:

Photo Friday Week #5

Fire On The Mount

Fire whether intentional or not forms a big part of farming life. From the stories we have seen in the past few weeks with entire grazing properties losing valuable grazing pastures we have seen that fire can have a detrimental effect on productivity and the livelihoods of farmers. This in many aspects is true but there is also the beneficial points as it can work through controlled burning to reduce fuel loads and promote the growth of native and introduce pasture species.

Below are some photos of a controlled burning exercise that I shot during the evening. This process was being undertaken by a local landowner to reduce fuel loads on his property. Shot at night as I was driving past these fires provided for some spectacular images to be captured. Here is just a small sample of these images:

However beneficial fire can be it also has its detrimental effects as I touched on earlier, I would ask those that read this in passing to be mindful especially when traveling in Rural Areas that all it takes is a spark, please reminder before flicking that butt or throwing that bottle out the window, not only is it illegal, but it can also cause a problem a lot bigger than littering.

Fires Update:

Photo Friday Week #6- 21st October 2011
Where Are You?

Not just a somewhat humorous (but ultimately not well conceived) slogan for a former Australian Tourism Marketing Campaign, but also a great way to find out just where you are.
On a recent trip home I took the oportunity to fly home rather than the usual train ride home. This gave me the oportunity to get some wonderful shots of the lands from above. One particular shot that I managed to catch is the mighty Burdekin River from above, so for any North Queenslanders Where Are You?

Photo Friday Week #7- 28th October 2011

It's Christmas Time!

Yes you did read it right: Every year the college I live at while studying at Uni has a huge celebration for Christmas.
This year I was pleased to be able to help the student Exec putting on this event. I was able to secure eight big LED spotlights to light the room and the pillars, and a big smoke machine to provide the occasional fog (or blizzard). This topped off with Christmas Carols and the staple viewing material of The Grinch (quoted as being a treasured College heirloom).
Our catering team and chefs provided a wonderful meal with Christmas Ham, Turkey and Beef, with all the trimmings, cold meats and of course over 10kg's of Prawns! Dessert was a sumptuous affair with our Dessert Chef preparing beautiful rich Chocolate tarts and the Aussie favorite: Pavlova.

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