Thursday, June 21, 2012

Headed Home!

Headed Home (nearly!) just gotta pack the Rav 4 and I'm all set.....

GPS is Programmed and I am just about ready to head once all the packing is all done.

UniHolidays are finally here and I am gearing up for a busy week at home, then heading back to Uni For a Week to look after High School Students and the next generation of Ag & Vet Students at UQ FEAST.

Check out UQ Gatton's Facebook & Twitter Feeds (links above) to keep up to date with the programs they are offering for Current Students, Future Students & Producers.

Should be lots of fun but still a bit busy, but hey that's farm life for you!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Month's Banner Explained: June

This months banner was a bit of a challenge to put together as I haven't been out photographing much lately.
June for me is pretty much dedicated to all things study for what we call SwatVac (Check out SwatVac related tweets here #SwatVac).
Image #1: I have developed a bit of a penchant for heights lately after being invited on a rock climbing trip.
Image #2: FarmFest 2012 (you can read about it here) - these are the goodies I picked up.
Image #3: Study Time - My e-notes
Image #4: Masquerade Ball - End of semester dinner was masquerade themed.
Image #5:  Motivation - This little book keeps me going, it's always full of helpful sayings, occasionally I will                   tweet them (here)
Images #6 & #7: Study, Study, Study, Study......

Hope this sheds some light, well getter get back to it and stop this procrastination, c'ya on the flipside!

FarmFest 2012

Something BLUE,
                  Something GREEN,
                                    Something RED;

A colour for everyone! FarmFest 2012 certainly proved that.
For those that don't know FarmFest is an Agricultural Field day held on the Darling Downs in QLD, it is said to be one of the biggest in Queensland and Australia.

It showcases the latest and greatest agricultural products across a wide range of sectors including farming, spraying, animal health & handling systems, and much much more. They come in a wide range of sizes from the smallest trade tool right up to a 50m+ Spray Coupe.

FarmFest is a mecca for the Rural Sector: It gives us the chance to come together and look at some of the newest and often cutting edge technology to enable producers to better and more efficiently produce their end product.
The FarmFest field day runs over three days enabling farmers to come from near and wide to see some of the latest and greatest products.
 It also gives us the opportunities to score so good freebies from the reps and make that Christmas wish list a bit longer!
Products are often demonstrated in a "test-drive" area. Equipment in operation included the mamoth spray coupes (see the one on the right), tractors, ploughs, mulchers, ATV's, bikes, the list goes on!
As well as product demonstrations there is a wide range of animal exhibits from stud beef cattle, dairy goats, and even the more traditional horsepower option of clydesdales. these animals all compete in specific classes and are judged taking home some serious prizes.

All the major manufacturers are represented with what seems to be a rainbow of colors to chose from. But from my observations you were either a Blue, Green or Red person (check out the images below).

 Both Case IH (Red) and New Holland (Blue) had some kit that I have classified in the realm of "big boys toys"
One of the more interesting "toys" that I saw this year was a new one Claas (Gleaner I think). This looks to me like the new hybrid of the farming world. This critter is somewhat similar to a Prius: in that it is a hybrid.

It features front track articulated steering technology, with wide tread tires on the rear. And it makes the transformers look like, well; kids toys.

In a sign of the times and the fact that more and more farmers these days are embracing technology this year featured an iPhone app which made life and navigation of the site a complete breeze.
Over 70, 000 people will have passed through the gates to visit of 2,500 individual rural companies. The site itself is massive which is where the i-gadget came in handy. You have access to the map and exhibitors list so you can plan your day.
I spent two days at the site this year and got to see some cool tech and speak to some very knowledgeable people. For me field days like this provide great insight into the industry enabling me to see a lot of the new and upcoming tech as well as get the low-down on products currently available in the market place.

 Just some of the swag of goodies (below) and literature that I picked up, that I now get to go through:

For more information check out the FarmFest Website (here), and who knows maybe I'll see you at FarmFest 2013!

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