Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wet Winter....

This season has seen a large amount of rain fall for the Winter months this year. This has meant that the gumboots and the drizabone have come in handy a lot this season.

Just today I tipped over 24mm out of the rain gauge, this rain that has fallen in the past 24hrs.

This weather whilst it is great coming into the Spring & Summer seasons is great for buffering our pasture supplies is wreaking havoc with our work schedules and plans and also the temperatures.

So for now I am keeping a close eye on the weather to see when we have some clear days planned....

If it's any consolation for us this week revised climate prediction have indicated the strong liklihood of an el Nino event occuring.
This events results in a drying summer for the Southern Hemisphere and indicates at possible strong rainfall conditions for the Northern Hemisphere.
Check out the QLD Government Long Paddock Website ( for up to date information.

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